Are you holding a 2 year – Temporary De Facto Partner or Spouse Visa?


Very often, Migrant Finance assists couples where one of the loan applicants is holding a temporary visa. Many of our industry peers are not aware that couples who do not both hold Australian Citizenship or Permanent Residence are eligible to apply for a mortgage!

In our migration line of work, we have assisted many couples in applying for a De Facto Partner or Spouse Visa. We understand that there are 2 stages to this visa. The first stage will require the overseas partner to be on a 2 year temporary resident visa. In the second stage, he/she will be invited to apply for Australian Permanent Residency.

Migrant Finance understands that you and your partner have gone through stringent assessment by the Department of Immigration.

We know you have a committed relationship to one another, and the next step is to purchase your dream Australian home.

Speak to our Lending Specialist, and we can confirm your borrowing power and whether you need to save for a deposit.

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