Do you hold a Subclass 457 Visa or are you employed on a Temporary Work Visa?


With skills shortages across many industries, a large proportion of the Australian work force is made up of workers holding Subclass 457 Visas. If you are among those in this category, you likely will be enjoying a stable income. You may even be accompanied by your dependent family members.

You may have fallen in love with Australia, and would like to invest in buying your Australian real estate. However, not many lenders or mortgage brokers are confident to assist applicants holding a Temporary Work Visa. You may have asked around, and have been told you are not eligible for an Australian mortgage.

Did you know, that you may borrow between 80% to 95% of the property value of your dream Australian home?

Interstaff Finance is able to bring together our knowledge of the Migration industry, to the finance and lending sector. We know the documents that you would already have had to submit in your visa application. Our aim is to make it easier for you to have your financial position assessed, and direct you to the specific lenders who understand your financial strength in servicing a mortgage.

Speak to our Lending Specialist today, and we can assess your financial position and find you the right mortgage.

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