Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) approval is required when property is being purchase by a non-permanent/citizens of Australia.

If you are not ordinarily a resident in Australia, you will need to notify the Australian Government and get prior approval before you can purchase certain types of Real Estate.

If you are on a Subclass 457 visa or other short term work visa, you may:
  • Purchase a new or an established property;
  • Be required to sell your Australian home when you leave Australia. Alternatively;
  • If you obtain citizenship or permanent residency then you will not have to sell your property
If you are a foreign citizen living overseas and do not currently have a valid Australian visa, then you:
  • Are not likely allowed to buy a property to live in Australia. This is because you do not have a valid visa which allows you to stay in Australia.

If you have been granted a temporary residency visa then you may be able to buy your Australian home before you relocate to Australia.

This information is only to be use as a guide. For further information please refer to the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) website