A: Many migrants to Australia have been denied securing a loan. That is because the banks and lending institutions do not have one standard lending policy when it comes to dealing with migrants. Migrant Finance is a specialist mortgage broker, focused on Migrant Lending Policy. We are the specialists in getting loans for migrants like yourself.
A: Yes! Speak to us and we shall explain how you can best go about applying for a loan in joint names.
A: You may be able to take advantage of various options when it comes to putting down a deposit for a property. Migrant Finance will discuss with you to understand your situation and subsequently advice on the most suitable option available for you.
A: Migrant Finance can guide you through FIRB, how much deposit you will require and explain the costs normally associated with purchasing an Australian property. These include: Bank, Government, Legals and Other costs.
A: Subject to approval from the Foreign Investments Review Board (FIRB) yes, you may purchase property in Australia.
A: If you are purchasing the property to be used as your home then you are able to purchase either an Established dwelling (second hand) or a new dwelling. If you are purchasing the property for investment then you are only able to purchase a new dwelling. All purchases on Temporary Resident Visa’s or Non-Permanent Residents are subject to FIRB approval.
A: If you have purchased an established dwelling you will be required to sell the property. If you purchase a new dwelling, you may keep it as an investment beyond your visa.
A: No, once you obtain PR you will need to notify the FIRB and the conditions of the approval will no longer apply.
A: If you purchased an established property, a newly completed home or built a dwelling on vacant land as per your FIRB0020 approval conditions you may sell the property at any time you wish. If you have not built a dwelling on the vacant land as per your FIRB approval conditions you will need approval from FIRB to sell the property.
A: No FIRB applications are specific to a particular property. If approval is granted and you change properties you will need to advise the FIRB and seek approval for the new property.
A: No, as long as you are purchasing the property as Joint Tenants and NOT Tenants in common, you will not need approval.

The following information has been collated from the FIRB website.
We make every effort to ensure that the information on this website is accurate and comprehensive. However, the information is only intended as a basic guide to relevant laws, and does not address the complexities of particular circumstances.